Challenges will bring real focus and fun to expo

The two new cadet and station challenges at the 2023 East Coast Farming Expo will certainly inject plenty of fun into the event.

However, there is a serious side to the competitions, with event manager Sue Wilson saying it’s all about teamwork.

“Teamwork on a farm is vital,” she says. “The AonAgri Cadet Challenge and Fergus Rural Station Challenge both demonstrate how advantageous it is when teams work well together.”

The Cadet Challenge is open to cadets from the various training farms around the region – including Growing Future Farmers and Waipaoa Station Cadet Training, as well as ag students from high schools.

It’s a “rustic MasterChef” style challenge that will see each team bone a joint of meat, cook it and plate it for a panel of judges.

The Station Challenge focuses on weighing and crutching sheep and is judged on time and style.

“Farming isn’t just about the physical work,” Wilson explains. “Maths and the ability to use technology is required as well.”

For Rob Fergus, of Fergus Rural, it was a perfect match for the Wairoa, Gisborne and East Coast based agribusiness firm, to step up and support the Station Challenge.

“We deal in livestock, environment solutions, farm supervision, and cover a broad range of services through the rural community,” he says. “This is a great way to support our local community.”

Fergus adds that rural health and wellbeing have long been a focus for the company.

“It is getting harder for people to source funding, so if we can step up and support them, we are happy to do so. We have a strong team here at Fergus Rural with a good culture and real family values.”

He believes the Expo is important to the wider farming community and, given the current climate, vital that’s plenty of promotion of jobs, opportunities, innovation, and encouragement of new people to the industry.

Aon’s Sandy Tawake says it is always a highlight to meet young cadets as they wander through the event.

She says it is important to encourage the next generation of farmers in as many ways possible.

The new challenges are just one exciting component of the two-day East Coast Farming Expo, which includes the latest in innovation, dog training, demonstrations, inspiring speakers, exhibits, products, services, and connection for beef and sheep farmers.

What: East Coast Farming Expo

When: February 22-23, 2023

Where: Wairoa A&P Showgrounds

More Info:

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