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LOGIN - Make an Account manually or Quick SignUPP with instant Facebook SignUPP JOIN : The Foundation Members & UPP Developers Group MAKE : yourself a work Resume, CV with all your skills, education, jobs and personality( more points for using , images and logos on your jobs and skills and video - more the better) JOIN : The "Debate" with joining the Forum "Foundation Members" and add some Forums for specific conversations. (Or create any Forum on other subjects : Tech, Politics, Religion etc.  CREATE : Your own "Business" page - upload all its information, details, services and products. Welcome to create a Business - even if you don't have one technically ATM SELL : Some of your second hand goods on the Marketplace [Classifieds] space.  SHOP SETUP : Your own shop, with any goods and services you can sell directly - Choose a Category for your SHOP welcome to customers and sell your new products direct to the UPP Market.  WRITE: an Article for UPPdate - the built in News feed. Welcome to write your best article of any subject you are passionate about.   other: Feel free to explore any  other features. Write some Questions, Create your own Training Course and set a fee for people to subscribe.  All interactions with UPP will earn SpendUPP coins - that will be eventually used to Sync with our come Crypto Currency solution . To make direct trades of goods and services within UPP.  Send any ideas, suggestions and problems to the UPP Developers Forum -create a subtopic for your specific idea. 
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on January 10 2023 at 08:35 PM
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